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Nadim Khoury - Let’s Have Fun Again


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    Nadim Khoury - Let’s Have Fun Again

    Why are so many people unhappy at work? And how does that unhappiness impact the performance and success of an organization? These are important questions to ask as we enter what will undoubtedly be a challenging 2018.

    April 30, 2018

    Until the 1960s, most careers were slow paced, jobs had fewer prerequisites, the marketplace was less competitive and manual, repetitive tasks dominated employees’ roles.

    Fast forward to today and in addition to advancements in technology and education, there are cultural and demographic changes that have brought cerebral skills, higher barrier to entry, ethnic and demographic diversity, and a slew of legal and operational regulations to a much faster-paced and increasingly competitive workplace.

    This has made coping with work challenges, staying on top of the game, and thriving in the industry more difficult for employees than ever before. The result is typically a less happy workforce that not only leads less content lives, but also drags their emotional baggage and dissatisfaction to the office desks every day.

    For any creative agency, this can be a sure-fire recipe to lose competitive edge, performance, market share and, more importantly, a workforce that could otherwise make a meaningful contribution to their lives, their organization and the entire community.

    According to several studies, happy employees are more productive, creative and well-balanced, and most probably have a higher chance of being given a raise. Based on decades of research, Shawn Anchor, author of ‘The Happiness Advantage’, has gone one step further and quantified the by-product of a happy workplace, citing a 37 percent hike in sales, a 31 percent jump in productivity and a 19 percent improvement in task accuracy, to name a few.

    Even as employees should take personal responsibility for their happiness, a caring and forward-looking organization needs to lay the foundation for a work environment that encourages staff to pursue their own happiness.



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