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    Lenor is considered a quality product throughout Europe, but people have started questioning the added value in “investing” in Lenor vs. cheaper products. The category focuses on functional benefits and consumers now choose brands by pricing and/or promos in store. Furthermore there are European countries where softeners are considered an unnecessary luxury and many believe they are getting softeners’ benefits from their detergents.

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    Online, Social Media, Video/TV
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    GREY Germany
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  • Die Aufgabe

    The Lenor brand challenge is twofold (a) To make sure that consumers who use softeners fall in love with Lenor for more emotional reasons than just the softness or the freshness. (b) To create appeal and attraction towards the brand, so that category sceptics would consider it and would have Lenor top of mind when they do. Objective: “How could we make every load of washing feel incomplete without Lenor”?


    Die Umsetzung

    There was an opportunity to develop a more emotive and meaningful communication that would focus on something more precious to people than just a bottle of softener: their clothes themselves. Throughout the years, talking to consumers and testing insights around Europe, a theme has been unifying consumers from so many different countries: The idea that there is so much more to how people feel about their clothes than just their look. It is an evident truth that people have a much more deep-rooted relationship with their clothes. Clothes can be our identity, a statement of individuality or of conformity, they can revive memories or they can be status symbols. Clothes matter to people. Our big idea was a platform that delves into this special relationship. People care about clothes so they should treat them with Lenor. Because it’s more than laundry. We wanted to reach a slightly younger audience and convince them that it is worth using Lenor. This “digitally intense” group is usually more skeptical about advertising, especially hard-sell (“push”) type of advertising. We discovered that young people can be highly sentimental about their clothes, and that clothes mean for them much more that they tend to openly admit. The main channel chosen for this initiative were YouTube and Facebook, as within our target audience the YouTube and Facebook surfing starts to replace the TV addiction. Secondarily, we also covered TV, print and direct mail mechanisms to make it a complete campaign with every kind of touchpoint. 

    Das Ergebnis

    In August’15, we launched the new Lenor Europe YouTube channel with 4 „Ode to Clothes“ films in major European markets UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece and Poland.  We also released short versions of these on TV and radio. In March’16, our ‚Ode to Socks’ promotion asked why socks should come in vague sizes that never really fit anyone. We designed and gave away a limited edition of 400 pairs of socks in the popular sizes to fans who wrote their own ode to socks on Facebook. Next, our print campaign “Ode to Icons” paid homage to famous pop-culture icons by paying homage to their outfits that unmistakably represent them.

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    We produced 4 online videos, 4 TV ads and 4 radio spots, 4 prints ads, a Facebook promotion and direct mail promotion. With these we reminded people of the clothes they love so much, made them rethink the size of their socks and showed how much the personalities of the world’s favourite pop-culture icons are shaped by their clothes. We received 5,418,876 views and more than 23.8 million impressions on YouTube with an average retention rate of 80%. We also received over a million impression on social media platforms we are not investing in like Twitter. Lenor’s Brand Equity was significantly strengthened in all markets with a increase in market share of 30% and an increase in revenue of 14%. But more than that we reminded people that Lenor cares for their clothes as much as they do, and that they should care for their clothes with Lenor.


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